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Our Mission To project Islam as a Religion of Peace and Pakistan as a modern, progressive and democratic state. Articles and posts to fight corruption, bigotry and extremism, improving ethical values and norms for social and business conduct You can donate any amount or advertise your banner with link to your web site.

We promote the articles published on this website on social media. You are welcome to join any one or all of our groups and Social Media where we and other members of our groups post articles, views and comments.

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The object of Anti Corruption Movement is to create awareness among people to prevent and discourage Corruption and Expose and Embarrass the Corrupt and get them punished. We have to put up fight against not only bribery but also unethical and dishonest practices of traders, industrialists and bogus NGOS and public servants.

Just resolve that you will not succumb to extortion and expose or discourage corrupt elements and practices. Join the Anti Corruption Group at facebook to show your support for minimizing /eliminating corruption.

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Ummatul Islam Group

Ummatul Islam Group aims at projecting Islam as a religion of peace and to analyze and discuss social and economic problems Muslims around the world. Our mission is to help promote the attitude of tolerance and kindness and Islamic brotherhood in the true spirit of Islam and the traditions of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SWS)
It is free and easy to join the group, Just visit

Pakistan Post
Pakistan Post is a moderated discussion group. Views, comments and articles on social, political and economic issues that help in improving knowledge and understanding and promoting peace, progress, goodwill and prosperity are welcome to be posted by the members within the norms of decency. It is free and easy to join.

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